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The maximum number of words in the essay for this grade division is 1000 and the minimum is 500.

Spring 2023

Grades 9-12

The maximum number of words in the essay for this grade division is 1000 and the minimum is 500.
Background + Writing Assignment


Teachers who submitted winning essays in the Spring 2023 competition will be notified personally by telephone or email using the contact information provided in your registration. Teachers can expect to hear results approximately 10 to 12 weeks after the close of the competition.

Please check back in September for the Fall 2023 program resources

Daniel Adler - High School Teacher

InvestWrite puts The Stock Market Game into context. It allows it to become more than a contest, more than guessing. It requires students to think about what they are doing and to put their purchases into the context of the economy as a whole.

Investwrite makes macroeconomics come to life for students. When the questions relate to the economy as a whole, or when students can legitimately bring those things into their answer, it brings to life the connection between the broader economy and their own life decisions.

The awards and trophies decorate my room and they are great motivators for students!

Long Beach, CA

Julie Frey - High School Teacher

InvestWrite is the competitive, culminating investing project for students in my Personal Money Management class. It is an exciting learning experience that ties together their Stock Market Game participation with critical thinking, research, and writing; it may even challenge a student's persuasive and creative talents depending on the prompt. It reinforces the concepts learned and used in class!

I have been fortunate to have had three students finish in top positions- Josh-3rd (2012), Zach-1st (2016), and Dan-1st (2017). These young men further benefitted from prizes provided by the SIFMA Foundation and InvestWrite program, that included opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime experiences that they will carry with them forever. As a teacher, each semester I celebrate these student experiences and successes as a motivator to set the stage for the new prompt.

Thank you, SIFMA Foundation and InvestWrite, for providing this fun, engaging learning opportunity for my students and me.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Bruce Burwitz - High School Teacher

InvestWrite is a great tool to guage student learning, stimulate discussion and ensure student understanding. InvestWrite also encourages students to participate in discussions and share their opinions.

InvestWrite strongly promotes the stock market unit and is about what students NEED to learn. It helps them participate, and discuss, not just take quizzes.

I prepare lessons with the necessary content to help facilitate the learning which encourages added student participation in activities and whole group feedback creating a pedagogically sound approach to teaching and learning.

InvestWrite allows students the ability to tap into many additional resources which allows them to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Fenton, Michigan

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Directions & Steps

Six easy steps to walk you through InvestWrite:
Directions + Steps


Easy Steps

FIRST, what you need to know about InvestWrite entries.

  • You may submit entries from as many of your Stock Market Game students you choose.

  • Each entry must be done individually representing the student's own research, thinking, and writing.


SECOND, share these InvestWrite GUIDELINES with your students.

  • 4-5 grade maximum 800 words (minimum 300 words)

  • 6-8 grade maximum 900 words (minimum 400 words)

  • 9-12 grade maximum 1000 words (minimum 500 words)

  • Please note: only the body of the essay will be included in the word count, the title and the works cited will not count against the specified word limit.

  • The format for references or works cited can be chosen by the teacher/advisor.

  • All essays must be submitted in plain text; no charts, graphs or symbols will be accepted.

  • Students should submit their essays to their teacher electronically or on a flash drive. PDF files cannot be accepted.


THIRD, discuss the “Writing Assignment” with your class and assign essay draft and final dates.


  • Since the judges will base their decision on the author's rationale, understanding of the subject matter and writing style, please do the same when you judge. View Scoring Guidelines & Process. 

  • Make sure you give yourself enough time to read and select entries before the InvestWrite online submission deadline.

FOURTH, read the InvestWrite entries and choose those to submit on behalf of your students.

  • Please Note: There is NO LIMIT to the number of essays you can submit this semester!

  • All submitted entries must address the correct grade level assignment as stated on this website.

  • Each entry must be submitted through the InvestWrite website to be eligible.

  • Simply cut and paste the entry from any word processing application and paste in the submission space provided upon log in.

  • Identification of the student or teacher/advisor by name or SMG ID in the essay submission space will result in disqualification.

  • If the student has created a title for their essay it must appear at the top of the submitted essay text.

  • If references are cited, please include at the bottom of the submitted essay text.


FIFTH, in addition to student entries, please be prepared with the following information for essay submission.


  • Teacher name

  • Teacher Stock Market Game advisor Username and Password

  • Teacher personal telephone number and email address

  • School name, physical address and phone number

  • Student first name and last initial

  • Student Stock Market Game Team login ID

  • Student grade


This information will help us contact InvestWrite award winners!


SIXTH, return to to submit your teacher/advisor-judged essays. 

  • You may submit your essays all at once or log back in and submit new entries any time before the deadline.

  • You may also return to the website to edit submitted essays prior to the deadline.

  • You will be able to view the list of your submissions and request an email confirmation.

  • Submit all of your essays by or before the essay submission deadline. 

Spring 2023  Essay Submission Deadline:
The Spring 2023 session has closed

Eligibility Criteria


  • Teachers and students must be currently registered and participating in the Stock Market Game.

  • Teachers must have a valid teacher/advisor Stock Market Game Username and Password to submit entries.

  • Students entries will require a valid Stock Market Game Team ID.


  • InvestWrite entries that do not meet the eligibility criteria and the “Official Rules” will not be considered.

SIFMA Foundation reserves the right to edit, publish, disseminate, and otherwise use all entries at their discretion. 

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