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Awards Overview

Certificate of Achievement

With your help, every student who participates in InvestWrite will get an "InvestWrite Certificate of Achievement" as recognition for their efforts. We have provided a template that you may print and complete for each participant in your class. Again, this is for all the students who participate, regardless of whether they are selected by you to be submitted to the national round of judging or not.

The certificate is provided in a PDF format. Please click the following to download and print the "InvestWrite Certificate of Achievement" for your participating students.

Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read and print the certificates. If you have any problems, please download and install the required program for free from Adobe.com

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InvestWrite, an innovative national writing competition, produced by The Stock Market Game program, adds a critical thinking component to help reinforce concepts learned in the classroom.

National Awards

In addition to the InvestWrite Certificate of Achievement, each participating student submission has a chance to be reviewed by the competition's first round judge, you, the teacher. Then, as the first round judge, you select the top responses from each class or group of participants (based on the guidelines and requirements) and then submit them electronically to the next round of judging at the national level on this website. At the national level, each essay is scored by four volunteer judges who are industry professionals. Final results are approved by the SIFMA Foundation.

Due to the generous support of the SIFMA Foundation and SIFMA member firms, several outstanding awards are being provided for the InvestWrite National Competition. In total, each grade division will have seven finalists and one first, second, and third place winner. There are three grade divisions in total: 4th-5th grade, 6th-8th grade, and 9th-12th grade.

Yes, there's something in it for everyone, including you. Take a look at the awards that you, your students, your school and even your student's parents could win at the national level. 

State Awards

Even more opportunities for students to succeed and receive recognition!

Contact your local Stock Market Game Coordinator for information regarding awards, and recognition events for winning teachers and students in your local or state Stock Market Game program.

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Yes, there's something in it for everyone, including you! 

Check out the awards that you, your students, your school and even your student's parents could win at the national level. 

4th-5th Grade

6th-8th Grade


9th-12th Grade