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The Stock Market Game

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To view the names of the winning students and teachers and read the winning essays of those who have received their awards, please click on the

Fall 2022 Winners link below. 

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Fall 2022 Winners


The Spring 2023 submission deadline has passed.

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A Champion Unveiled

May Quan - Elementary School Teacher

Through InvestWrite, my students were able to recognize the importance of diversification in their individual portfolios and learn about different charity organizations in the community. With the past InvestWrite topic, my students were glad to have the opportunity to combine their personal experience with their favorite charity and money management. It really made them think and research hard on how to make the existing charity’s money grow at the same time as how to protect its principal as much as possible. They learned that the way to do this is through diversification and managing calculated risks.

Morrisville, North Carolina

Judith Kraus - Middle School Teacher

The InvestWrite essay serves as an authentic assessment of my students' ability to research, analyze, and concisely communicate key financial concepts and metrics to an authentic audience of industry experts. The relevant and comprehensive scenarios challenge my students to demonstrate an applied understanding of personal finance. InvestWrite is a key measure of their progress from financial literacy toward true financial capability.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Roderick Moore - High School Teacher

InvestWrite allows students to reflect on the learning process by writing about their experience playing The Stock Market Game. Students who participate in The Stock Market Game and the InvestWrite competition are able to explain their investment strategies and explain their recommendations based on what they have learned about saving and investing. This competition allowed students to understand opportunity cost.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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InvestWrite, enhancing
The Stock Market Game program experience through writing! 

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Make SMG's real learning even more real world, bring a financial professional guest speaker to your students online or in person. It’s easy! Volunteers can speak both to SMG topics and/or to academic and career paths to business and finance. 

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