Judges: Welcome to InvestWrite!

InvestWrite is an innovative national writing competition, sponsored by the SIFMA Foundation, for students in 4th through 12th grade. InvestWrite integrates critical thinking and language arts components that help reinforce the financial decision-making skills that students learn in the classroom while using The Stock Market Game program.

The SIFMA Foundation would be honored to have you participate as a national judge in this unique educational competition. Your participation will help us recognize students throughout the nation for their newly acquired investment knowledge. Moreover, you will play a significant role in selecting which students and teachers win great InvestWrite prizes!

Volunteers who register at this time are enrolled in the session to begin on April 16, 2018.

What is my role as a judge?
As a judge, you will evaluate 5-8 student essays, 300-1000 words each. For standardization purposes, each essay provided to you will be of the same grade division (elementary, middle or high school). The essays you will receive have been pre-selected by the students’ classroom teacher and will be graded by four volunteers.

Judging will take place entirely online, with no meetings or phone calls! All contact will be handled via email and through the InvestWrite judging website. When the judging session begins you will be notified by email that student essays have been assigned for you to judge. The email will direct you to the InvestWrite judges’ website where you will be given directions on how to review and score your students’ essays.

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InvestWrite is proud of all of its participants. Please select a semester from the list to view winners and judges from past competitions.
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