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Overview of Submitting InvestWrite Entries

All essay submissions require PLAIN TEXT ONLY (.txt) formatting. NO HTML (hidden/visible) formatted text is allowed and may cause essay submission errors.

USER TIP:  Text written in programs such as Microsoft Word or Google docs may contain hidden HTML formatting. To avoid issues during the essay submission process, please remove all HTML, any < > symbols from cited sources. 

Submit in plain text only using the suggestions below.

For example, if your essays are written in Microsoft Word your essays could contain hidden HTML formatting. One easy method for removing HTML includes opening Notepad (standard software on a Windows PC); copy (ctrl+C) the essay text from Microsoft Word, paste it (ctrl+V) into Notepad; then copy from Notepad and paste text into the InvestWrite essay submission field. This will cleanse your document of any restricted HTML formatting and allow you to submit your essay as plain text content.   

After entering your Stock Market Game program advisor ID and password you will enter the InvestWrite national competition's "Submit InvestWrite Entries" process. You will be asked to accurately complete three sections. They are:

  1. Review and update, if necessary, your contact information (one-time entry)
  2. Complete a brief questionnaire (one-time entry)
  3. Complete and submit a short and simple InvestWrite online entry form for each student's entry.

For your convenience, you may return to the InvestWrite website ( and enter additional InvestWrite entries at any time between January 30, 2017 and April 05, 2017 (11:59 PM Eastern Time).

Please make sure to review the guidelines, eligibility, and judging criteria in order to submit qualifying entries for the InvestWrite national judging. Remember, 10 teacher-judged entries per qualified classroom and only one essay per student. Please note, if the student's name appears in the text that is submitted, the essay will be disqualified.  The online entry form has a place for the student's name.  Some restrictions may apply.

PLEASE NOTE: When submitting a student essay you are agreeing that the work is representative of the student's ability and the quality of the essay is consistent with other assignments the student presents in your classroom. You also agree that the essay is the student's original work to the best of your knowledge.

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